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testing! testing! ^o^/ i just wanted to see how i could go about making a blog on my neocities, since i see it as a common feature of other neocities sites. for now i'll leave it as simple looking as this til i figure out how to customize this html and fancy it up like my other pages. eventually, if possible, i would love to have goodies in the format like current reading/watching/playing, eating/drinking, mood, etc, like the old days on deviantart and gaiaonline! that aspect of journaling is almost more interesting to me than the actual diary entry part. actually, maybe i can just do that manually until i figure it out?

edit: so i thought i'd come back and journal a little further. i'm pretty rusty at coding and it's a bit of an obstacle to me making progress on this site but on the bright side, my desire to make that progress is stronger than the intimidation i feel by the task. i've added several new pages today and updated old ones. i made this blog, got started on the aqua shrine, added a bunch of fanlistings, and added more navigable links where needed. i'm satisfied with my work for one day. tomorrow (or later, idk) i'll refine some visual aspects, like aligning color palettes a little better. but for now, i'm gonna read some shoujo, or play a video game. not sure which. i'll also work on getting my room clean. maybe not in that order.

reading: kingdom hearts 2 (the novel), volume 2 - tomoco kanemaki; swan - kyoko ariyoshi
watching: nothing
playing: many things all at once, but mainly ace attorney: investigations
listening: deltarune OST
eating: bagel with cream cheese
drinking: coffee
mood: mirthful

today i think i'd like to make a page that lists my favorite media in visual form, like book, video game, and album covers. we'll just have to see how tricky that is to do from scratch with rusty memory of how html works, lol. eh, shouldn't be any harder than the aqua shrine page i set up yesterday, though.

edit: done! it's still in its uh... nascent stage right now, but i've set up the basic skeleton and that's good enough for now. i just need to revisit my real life bookshelves to remind myself what my favorite books are. adhd object permanence and all that. it's also gonna take a long damn time to do a section on video games unless i get REALLY choosy, which is just not in my nature. i like to include as much as i possibly can bc i love so many things. oh well! ^__^ i don't have to get it done on any sort of time limit, but it does bother me to see a clearly unfinished page that i have specific plans for. i have to remember to take breaks and pace myself rationally.

i just remembered. eventually, i'm gonna have to make that secret bonus page. i just have to figure out a way to hide it in a way that can be found...

reading: kingdom hearts 2 (the novel), volume 2 - tomoco kanemaki
watching: nothing
playing: ace attorney: investigations
listening: legend of zelda: wind waker OST
eating: pringles
drinking: coffee
mood: excited

idk what i'm gonna do today... i could either work on the aqua shrine or the library... if i wanted to set up another new thing i suppose i could try to establish a profile/bio page, but i'd need to scrape together some new code for that. or i could start another shrine, but i think i oughta finish one before starting another. i'll come back once i make progress of some kind!

edit: fleshed out some sections of the library! still got a ways to go but i added more to the manga section and filled in some of the video game section -- as much as my mind could recall, with the help of poking thru my console libraries. it's a lot of labor to collect the images and code them in so i'm gonna take a break for at least a little while. i'd like to keep going on the manga section bc i KNOW there are things that should go in there and i'm just not remembering right now. but anyway. i'm gonna relax my brain with some video games, i think.

reading: enchanted living magazine
watching: columbo season 2 episode 2
playing: pokemon sword
listening: pokemon mystery dungeon OST
eating: potato chips
drinking: coffee
mood: contemplative

so i have a couple ideas for what to do today. i could make more progress on the library, since i've got that rolling, and/or i could work on my favorite characters (aka "shrines") page, since it needs some updating with more favorite characters. then i can stare at them neurodivergently. ◉_◉ i'm not entirely sure what else i ought to work on at the moment, so let's just start there. i'm still not in the mood to get started on a profile page so. not todaaaaaaay~

edit: so i added ds/3ds games to the library, and threw a few decorations onto the aqua shrine. forgot to mention that i scoured my graphic source last night for relevant gifs to pretty up the page. still very much in a state i'm not satisfied with yet, but it's slowly coming into focus. i ran out of steam after that though, so i'll take a break. i might get back to it today but i won't push it. it's the weekend and i'm feeling lazy. can't decide if i'm gonna play the PWAA trilogy on switch, avalon code on ds, or emulate super smash bros melee. i'll probably end up doing at least one of those today though!

reading: enchanted living magazine
watching: fundie fridays on youtube
playing: phoenix wright trilogy
listening: super smash bros melee OST
eating: a creamed corn dish i messed up and have to live with til i eat it all
drinking: water
mood: full (of fucked up corn)

girl. the updates are showing up so slowly today that it took me like an hour to figure out what was going on. every test i did took like 20 minutes to show up so i couldn't get a grasp on the problem for the longest time. i wonder if this is happening to everyone or just me? i'm giving up on trying to do anything with the website today except for this journal entry (which won't even show up until like half past noon or something (it's 11:40 now). this shit got me cranky, i gotta calm down. -_-

reading: nothing yet
watching: nick diramio on youtube
playing: fire emblem awakening
listening: pokemon dppt OST
eating: leftovers
drinking: water
mood: vexed

ok! now that things are working as normal again, i guess i'll uhhhhhh... work on the library page? unless i feel extra motivated to make more character icons for the shrines page. i'm kind of sitting in expectation of a phone call today about a job i applied for yesterday so i can't let myself get too hyperfocused on anything, so i don't know how much work i'll actually get done. i predict a lot of discomfort for me today.

reading: job listings
watching: mandaloregaming on youtube
playing: ace attorney trilogy
listening: pokemon dppt OST
eating: nothing yet
drinking: coffee
mood: anxious