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Sky Unicorn

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Four Leaf Clover

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Evie and Rick

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Mew Ichigo, Himeko, and Creamy Mami

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Skitty, Espeon, and Roselia

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Cherry Cat

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Twilight is a complex, often misunderstood individual. A shy pony, she can come across as rather serious, a bit of a loner, even mysterious. She is a soft-spoken, introspective pony with a large romantic streak. When her ideals are threatened, she withdraws in order to preserve her rose-tinted view of the world. She likes to help out but often lets someone else take the credit. If only the other ponies knew just what mischief she gets up to!

Quote: "I wish... I wish... !"

I am a Teddiursa! I am a Ninetales
Gemini Year of the Rat
What Genre Of Manga Are You? What Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You? What Dere Type Are You?  Birth By Sleep:  What Character Do You Resemble? What Organization XIII Member Are You?