aqua shrine


aqua is a protagonist of the fantasy video game series, kingdom hearts. she debuted in 2010 with the prequel game kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, in the role of the "misguided master", so called because her fatal flaw of moral rigidity led her down the wrong path, in spite of her noble intentions.

a strong, stoic graduate master of the keyblade, aqua specializes in spellweaving and graceful maneuvering through the battlefield. what she lacks in natural friendliness and charisma among strangers, she makes up for in fierce devotion to and faith in her loved ones, to a fault. cold social awkwardness aside, aqua is staunch in her duty as a knight and helps those she comes across who are in need, even when it's irrelevant to her cause.

her heroic nature turned to self sacrifice when the events of KH:BBS came to a head, making a decision to stay trapped in the realm of darkness for many years. she sank into deep despair and madness during this time, constantly tormented by her memories and own distorted self perception to the point of succumbing to the dark. but in return, two of her lost loved ones had a chance of returning to their normal lives, so it was a price she paid without a second thought.


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