who made this website?

name: ellen (aka deer, shydeer, miss-shydeer, etc)
age: 26
location: upper midwestern united states
pronouns: she/her

i'm just an amateur coder who's slowly remembering the skills she learned in high school (and the earlier days of social media, such as gaiaonline, sheezyart, and when youtube had customizable profiles back in the late 2000s) about basic html, as well as picking up as much new information as she can along the way. my site is not much, but it's mine, built from the ground up using genuine retro techniques. that is to say, i rarely read new or contemporary tutorials for website building or follow any modern design philosophies. in any case, welcome to my site! as you can probably tell by exploring, my favorite colors are pink and blue.

well, pretty much everything else there is to know about me can be gleaned from the other pages on this site, since it's all different facets of my neurodivergent brain that i'm slowly mapping out into organized boxes. thanks for your interest!